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Enerplus Directo Enerplus Directo

Suministro a domicilio de combustibles y carburantes líquidos de primera calidad para varios sectores.

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Enerplus Estaciones de Servicio Enerplus Estaciones de Servicio

Estaciones de servicio que ofrecen máxima calidad, productos 100% aditivados y con un precio imbatible.

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Enerplus Energía Enerplus Energía

Comercialización de electricidad acreditada por el Ministerio de Industria para todo el ámbito peninsular español.

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Enerplus Renovables Enerplus Renovables

Comercialización de biocombustibles sólidos certificados de primera calidad para uso de calefacción.

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Estación de servicios


Enerplus is a group of companies specialising in the national supply of energy to both wholesalers and end customers.

Enerplus aims to be a reference in the national energy market through diversified activities. To achieve this, the group carries out activities related to the energy sector in an efficient, responsible and safe manner, with the aim of meeting the needs of the client at all times.

More than 40 years of business experience guarantee the prestige and professional solvency of the Group..

Mission & Values

Our mission focuses on meeting the energy needs of our customers in a comprehensive and efficient manner, generating savings for them based on a policy of tight margins and passing on to them the economies of scale generated by the Group’s business volume.

Customer proximity, quality, transparency, safety, commitment to the environment and flexibility are the values on which the group is based in order to continue to evolve and achieve our ambitious growth plan.

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Enerplus Directo
Enerplus Estaciones de Servicio
Enerplus Energía
Enerplus Renovables
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