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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a practice that aims to reduce energy consumption.

It seeks the efficient use of energy, in order to optimize production processes and the use of energy using the same or less to produce more goods and services.

Consuming less energy is possible and also very beneficial for our planet by emitting fewer CO2 emissions and reducing the economic costs that its overconsumption generates. But of course, it is necessary to implement different actions to achieve satisfaction.

Basically, energy consumption can be reduced from the correct choice of electrical equipment, correcting problems in the facilities and modifying habits and customs, that is, we must re-educate ourselves to be more efficient.

At Enerplus, we want to provide the tools for our customers to be more efficient every day. That is why we work to provide solutions that generate greater economic savings on your monthly electricity bill.

Reactive Energy – Capacitor Batteries

Reactive energy is a type of electrical energy, that some electrical equipment, such as transformers, motors, luminaires, etc., absorb from the grid for their operation, but which they then return, so it is not consumption in the strict sense of the word.

Electrical wiringIf reactive energy is not consumed, why is it penalised by a surcharge on the electricity bill

It is true that reactive energy does not have to be produced, but it does have to be transported, as it comes and goes from our consumption to the grid 50 times per second, causing variations in the electrical intensity of the circuits, triggering overloads in the transformer and generator lines, and it is necessary to neutralise or compensate it.

This is the reason why electricity distributors penalise reactive energy consumption in their bills above a certain value.

Capacitor banksIf you check your electricity bill and find that you are being charged for this item, you should install a capacitor bank to neutralise it.

Contact your Enerplus energy advisor and we will carry out a study, free of charge and without obligation, to recommend the equipment necessary to eliminate this concept and the economic increase that it represents each month, according to your consumption.

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Contact your Enerplus agent and save today. We will be pleased to help you and carry out a personalised study free of charge and without obligation. Contact your Enerplus agent and save today. .

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